Ask Me Anything . . . About Writing

2012 February 20

opine about the nuts and bolts of writing over at Forbes pretty regularly (Andrew Sullivan is a fan!), as well as field writing-related questions via social media and email. I answer these questions individually and I sometimes regret that I don’t have the opportunity to share the responses with the whole GenMeh class. There’s an easy way around that, obviously. I’ve decided to do a writing Q & A on the blog. You send me your questions and I’ll answer them in an upcoming post. It’s the kind of brain picking that I normally caution against, but in this case it’s a win-win situation – you get free advice and I can simply point the next answer seeker to the resultant post, which will mostly likely contain the details he or she is looking for.

So, ask me anything about my writing, the craft of writing itself, pitching and marketing your work, the freelance life, etc. I’ll pick a cross-section of questions and give you my no-holds-barred answers.

Send your questions to jmh(at)generationmeh(dot)com, post them on GenMeh’s Facebook wall or if you’re feeling particularly succinct, tweet them @GenerationMeh

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