Maybe You’re Ready And Maybe You’re Not

2011 October 21

I don’t believe in the laws of attraction thing, but I do believe that the energy you put out to the world and to others influences what you get back in return and in what manner. But not in the whole you are a magnet and good fortune is a box of paperclips kinda way.

It’s like how dogs can apparently now sniff out cancer; people can sniff out fear and self-doubt and lack of commitment. Maybe you’re saying all the right words, have the right ideas and genuinely believe that you’re ready to take this step or start this project, but your gut hasn’t signed on the dotted line. Your soul would rather catch a few ZZZs. Maybe you can’t see it yourself, but this lack of bone-deep drive shows in your presentation, shows in how you go after opportunities, in how you meet and overcome challenges. If you’re only 71% invested, it’s reflected in the quality of results you get for your efforts. You’re doing and saying everything you believe you should, you just aren’t  giving off the self-belief that underpins it all. Your pheromones don’t smell like commitment.

I’ve been talking about collaboration and adventure and whimsy for a long time, but that sort of stuff has only started to take root in my life within the last two months. Why? Because I’m now ready for it. My gut is good to go and my soul is psyched. People can pick up on that energy and focus when they deal with me (also, I smell really nice). I’m pitching work. I’m plotting a nerd revolution (no nerd left behind!). I’m tackling a super-secret project that makes me want to roll around on the floor like a little dachshund puppy.

It’s not about getting a personality transplant or winning the lottery or falling in love; it’s about being in a place where your intentions and actions are holding hands instead of trying to punch each other in the face. It’s about realizing that you have to clean your (figurative) house before you host the party of the century. No one will want to come over to play naked Twister if the living room floor is covered in cat hair and beer cans, ya dig?

If it feels like you’re not moving forward on your hopes and dreams and goals, it might be because some part of you isn’t 100% ready to tackle those hopes, dreams and goals. It might be bad timing, or a dearth of energy, or maybe your BIG ideal is only half-baked  and still in need of tweaking. It’s not the universe telling you to go back to bed; it’s you telling the universe (and everyone in it) that you need a deadline extension in order to turn in your very best work.

You keep asking your gut and heart if you’re there yet, so maybe you should start listening to the answer and accept that you might still have a few miles left to cover.

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