What If You…

2011 August 15

What if you didn’t back off? What if you didn’t stop to catch your breath? What if instead of two steps forward and one back, you made it three, hell, even four or five forward? Lurch, stumble, run, whatever. What if, when the going got good, you didn’t stop to consider the hows, whys and potential duration of said goodness, but you just kept going? Rocked a few boats, kicked over a few apple carts. Didn’t even stop to apologize.

Being cautiously optimistic is prudent. Analyzing your success for lessons learned and dissecting and refining your approach so that it’s infinitely replicable is smart stuff.  Being incremental is advisable. Except when it’s not. Except when head-shrinking your happiness doesn’t make you happier, it actually bleeds out the enjoyment and the spontaneity and the momentum. And then you realize that waiting and seeing has turned into waiting and sighing.

So, what if you don’t do that? What if you don’t get all measured and mannered, but instead keep pushing and pushing and pushing your luck as far as you think it will go and then some? I bet it will stretch a lot further than you think.

You should do that and then you should tell me what happens.

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