All Of The Things You’re Secretly Scared Might Be True*

2011 May 11

Psst…and everyone else is scared of them, too.

  • That you’re unlovable
  • That you’ll never be happy or don’t even have the capacity to be so
  • That people are nice to you out of pity or duty, but not genuine affection
  • That if you really shared what you thought and how you felt, you’d be shunned
  • That you’ll die before accomplishing something to be proud of
  • That you’re so much more broken than everyone else you know
  • That you’ll never figure out what you want, or not figure it out in time to do something about it
  • That you’re a bad person
  • That everyone else gets “it” and you don’t and you never will and no one will ever get you, either
  • That your best effort isn’t enough
  • That you don’t deserve any of this
  • That you deserve all of this and worse
  • That it’s too late

*Even if you’ll never admit it

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