My New Gig

2011 May 2

As I announced on Twitter and Facebook, I’m more than a little chuffed to report that I’ll now be blogging for Forbes. The process by which this came about is pretty similar to my pal Susannah’s story. But now the time is right (long-distance move, dumping all my worldly possessions, landing the job I wrote about here have all been taken care of) and the fine folks at Forbes seem to think so, too.

Lest you think I’m going back on my word about being through with Gen Y (and I can guess who will be emailing me to inquire about this very back-tracking), I’m still over the Millennial beat. The Ground Floor will focus on higher ed and early career issues and will be less cultural anthropology and more factual forensics. This amateur Margaret Mead is tired, y’all.

I’m solidly back into the writing groove (this series for Thought Catalog definitely helped) and actively pursuing opportunities to do more of it. If you know of something that fits the bill, please shoot me a note.

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