Circles In The Sand

2011 April 27

I always like how thing come full circle. I like balance and boundaries and movies with unambiguous endings. I wish someone would neatly draw or map the process out when it comes to us and others, or maybe just make it a story about ending up where you started, but probably no wiser than when you left. There’s potential there.

You could show how the formality erodes, maybe slowly, or maybe quickly. Maybe you dispense with it early on, just sense that it isn’t needed, it’s only getting in the way of getting closer. And then there is a whole messy period of feeling out what to say and in what measure – How much swearing? How many messages? Are you a welcome distraction or just the regular kind? Then an equilibrium is reached. This is our groove, our patois. It’s only for us. Outsiders can look but not touch. But something happens. Something always happens. It’s like getting the bends – too deep, too far up, too fast. Misjudged the curve and hit the guardrail. Now, there is a blank space. When every word has to be evaluated, rolled around and around on your tongue, it seems easier just to avoid speaking entirely.  And formality returns to fill the void. But this time it’s an epilogue and not a prelude. Good Afternoon. Thanks in advance. Could you please… And it feels like all the high school French you ever knew leaving your head at once. Like hitting rewind and watching the apples magically fly up off the ground and back onto the tree.

Yes, I think that would make a good story.

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