The Write Stuff: Talking Career Coaching With Steph Auteri

2010 July 27

A few weeks ago, I put out the call on Twitter for folks interested in career/life coaching and/or personal development who’d be willing to participate in digital kaffeeklatsches here on GenMeh*. Steph Auteri was one of the first to raise her hand to volunteer. Brave woman. Recently, she and I had a little chat about her coaching services for writers, her freelance exploits and the fact that a one-size-fits-all approach to digital privacy doesn’t cut it. Also, we mention the S word (oh my!) and a few of the jargon-y terms that set my blood boiling. The resulting confab** is below.

Steph Auteri talks career coaching and sex blogging from Generation Meh on Vimeo.

*If that’s you, or you just want me to ask you obnoxious or awkward questions on camera (I have an inexhaustible supply!), you should let me know.

** My video editing skills will get better as the series goes along. Maybe.

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