Happy Birthday, Babies!

2010 July 21

GenMeh celebrates its first birthday today! An entire year of pep talks and pedantry under my belt, who could have predicted it?

So, in the interests of self-indulgence, I made a little video* to mark the occasion (it’s out of sync for the first 20 seconds only). I respectfully request that you ignore the bags under my eyes; sleep and I have been on the outs for months now.  Also, I should clarify that gluten-free vegan cupcakes are ordinarily delicious. Full blame goes to my baking prowess in this case.

And yes, if you were expecting the stern ghost of Susan B. Anthony and are instead smitten with my wholesome chirpiness, you should totally let me know.

Happy Birthday, GenMeh! from Generation Meh on Vimeo.

*First and only take and no script. That’s how I roll.

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