The American Dream: A Call To Action

2010 May 28

I’m very pleased to introduce a new addition to GenMeh – a guest essay series focused on the youth/Gen Y/Millennial perspective on the traditional American Dream. What sort of visions does this term conjure up for members of our generation? Is it relevant to our lives? To our interpretation of success? Does it tangibly exist out there in the world or is it simply a quaint myth? This project has been in the works for a few months now, but timing seemed to conspire against its launch. No more. The first essay will be published next week and future contributions will appear on a regular/semi-regular basis thereafter.

Interested in getting involved?

We have some great content in the works, but I’d be delighted to have more (and more and more) folks come aboard. I’m using the term “essay” very loosely – could be straight ahead narrative pieces, photography,  audio, video, a song, a sketch of a bald eagle perched on a foreclosure sign, etc. The sky and your creativity are the only limits and I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to how broad this topic can be (hint: very, very broad). If you have an idea or don’t get have an idea but are interested in coming up with one (I’m pretty savvy at linking people’s interests with the overall theme), please get in touch and we can discuss. And if you know others who might be interested, please point them this way. My hope is that this project will grow into a robust and encompassing picture of how a diverse cross-section of young Americans envision their future, define their place in society and pursue their goals and aspirations. Look out, NPR and PBS, I’m totally going to sell you on this.

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