List Served #2 – The Enemy of My Enemy is Probably Also A Jerk

2009 July 31

List Served is a weekly feature wherein I present you with an ordered grouping of (at least tangentially) related points. I love lists and the internet loves ephemeral minutiae. It’s all good.


Photo by kristofabrath

A Chronological Listing of My Elementary Through Junior High Arch-Nemeses by First Initial

  1. C (told me I was going to hell because I wasn’t a Protestant. It was the first day of kindergarten.)
  2. M (spat in my hair)
  3. A (eventually became neighbors. Sitcom wackiness did not ensue)
  4. K (we’re buds now)
  5. M (no relation to 1)
  6. J (never let it be said that I don’t know how to carry a grudge)

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